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Sunday, October 25, 2020

My Korean TV Interview

I shared this news with friends and family, but I am only now getting around to sharing it on my blog.

In September, I did an interview with Korea Business News (한국경제TV)  and more specifically, on a segment called "Global Signs," where they interview people in finance around the world, hence why the entire interview is in English. In the interview, I talk about a wide range of topics, including COVID in NYC, being a woman on Wall Street, the upcoming election and some stock picks!

Even though the interview was conducted remotely (as the TV broadcasting station is in Seoul), it was super fun and I still got a taste of the TV experience.

The best part of this interview for me was that my family in South Korea got to see a glimpse of my life here in New York and Wall Street. Sure, my parents and I tell them what I do and what NYC is like, but this interview and its wonderfully translated subtitles added more color.

Here is the link if you want to watch. All views are my own.

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