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Monday, March 16, 2020

Coronavirus Staycation

WOW, it has been an eventful three months since my last blog post: I reached one of my professional goals at my firm, moved to the apartment of my dreams in NYC (I have a walk-in closet!), have been very busy working on very exciting deals - oh, and enjoying my much needed "vacation" in self-quarantine from Coronavirus! The photos in this post are from a visit to the Whitney Museum around New Years, not any time recent, but I am sharing these because they are much more blog-friendly than what I actually look like these days in my face mask (see end of the post!).

This week is my "protected vacation" from work. I was originally planning on visiting my parents and my parents were going to visit me in my new apartment afterwards, but those plans were eventually cancelled from COVID-19. Initially, I was upset about not being able to go anywhere for my week off, but I got over it quickly since it is much safer for everyone to stay in quarantine.

I was in first grade during the 9/11 attacks and even to this day, I cannot imagine how crazy the city must have been that day. This is my first time witnessing such an "attack" in NYC as a resident, and I have a lot of different emotions.

For one, it has been really upsetting to see the effect of schools closing, which means thousands of children no longer have guaranteed meals or a safe place to stay. Families with parents whose jobs do not allow for working from home risk getting the virus in order to bring food to the table. There are so many people all over the world who are extremely vulnerable to the virus but cannot protect themselves.

I have also been angry about the racism that this virus has exposed. Although I have not experienced this myself, it is painful to see the world get so backwards.

Grocery stores have been completely empty, so I am anxious about running out of food at home...

On the other end of the spectrum of my emotions, it has been very uplifting and inspiring to witness positivity and proactivity of the NYC community to get through this tough time, like starting fundraisers to help families and children in need and efforts to help small businesses.

Wash your hands, stay at home and wear masks!
We can all get through this.

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