Sunday Afternoon at Ralph's Coffee

Sunday Funday or Monday Eve?
Work has been piling up, but with the help of my interns, I got to take some time off to explore a coffee shop I have been wanting to visit for the longest time: Ralph's Coffee on the UES!

Purse: Balenciaga | Shoes: Kelsi Dagger

Going to the UES is such a trek for me so I don't visit it often, but whenever I do, I always find myself enjoying the calm and peaceful atmosphere and the surprisingly vibrant shopping scene.

I have been wanting to visit the UES location of Ralph's Coffee in particular, because I wanted a nice coffee experience and a break from midtown. This cafe fits right in with the quiet neighborhood. The interior is absolutely beautiful with a lot more seating space than I expected. The next time I go there, I will make sure to get a branded coffee mug.

All in all, it was a fantastic experience and a good way to spend a Sunday!

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