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Sunday, May 6, 2018

Consultant Turned Investment Banker

Goodbye, consulting. Hello, investment banking!

Blazer: Theory (similar) | Dress: Diane Von Furstenberg (similar) | Shoes: Sam Edelman (similar)

After eight months of consulting, I am excited to start the second chapter of my career as an investment banking analyst at an elite boutique investment bank.

During my short consulting tenure, I worked on the strategy and operations on deals for large-cap clients, but I became more and more curious about the financial and deal-driving factors of M&A, which are usually the responsibilities of investment bankers, not consultants. I also found the frequent travel of consulting to be extremely exhausting. While I got used to working long hours, I never enjoyed the uncertainty of where I was going to be traveling for each project.

All those times I studied technicals during my 3 AM Uber rides to LaGuardia/JFK on Monday mornings and all those late nights practicing financial modeling in my hotel room after a full day of client meetings were so worth it. I am so happy that I now get to do what I had been studying.

Thanks to all the amazing people I met during this challenging process, I was able to successfully navigate this career switch without having to get a costly MBA. They truly wanted me to succeed even though they had no obligation to help me. They really invested a lot of their time and energy in me, and I could not have achieved this goal if it were not for them. You know who you are. Thank you so much.

I know investment banking will be challenging, but I am so excited to play a role in leading and executing deals.

Bring it on, Wall Street!


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