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Thursday, December 17, 2015

180 DC Swarthmore — Semester 1 Down!

180 Degrees Consulting has been an absolutely transformative experience for me — and NONE of the achievements so far would have been possible if it weren't for ALL the consultants, executive board members, and the clients.

I would like to thank everyone for their hard work. I was dreading junior year of college, but you all made it such an amazing semester. Regardless of your class year or major, I always learned something new every time I worked with all. I also learned a lot about myself: the good, the bad, and how I can improve as a leader.

To the wonderful consultants, what I enjoyed the most was seeing your professional growth throughout the semester! Handling a client for the first time is definitely not an easy task, but you guys did it despite your difficult coursework. I hope that you all got a taste of what consulting is like, and I hope that you enjoyed it!

A huge thank you to the executive board members for working so hard to make this organization what it is today. We really started from scratch... Even though we all had internships over the summer, you guys helped me with the C-Level approval presentation slide deck, helped put together a really efficient organizational structure, trained ten consultants, and took on three clients. That's a lot of work. Thanks so much, you guys.

Here are some pictures from 180 Degrees Consulting Swarthmore throughout this semester, in chronological order!

Before it all began...

180 Degrees Consulting Info Session
I spy... Leon, Doug, and Hunter! 
Hunter, Harsha, and Jeff!
Wharton Undergraduate Case Competition
Oh, hey, remember how we were the only liberal arts school out of the finalists?
You can read more about the case competition here!
First Training Session!
Last Training Session

On Site Client Meeting

Thanks for a great semester, guys. Let's do bigger things next semester!

With love,

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