180 Degrees Consulting Swarthmore Progress!

Hi, everyone!

Hope you all had a great week. This past week has been surprisingly relaxing, and I've been extremely pleased with the pace of 180 Degrees Consulting at Swarthmore.

We have two clients. We had our last day of training today. We are ready to go!
I am really excited to get to know the social enterprises and nonprofits in the area, and to help them make a greater positive impact.

Here are some of the headshots we took today! I say we're a good looking group of consultants ;)

The women of 180 Degrees Consulting Swarthmore

Fall Break + Wharton

Hi, everyone!

Hope you all had a lovely week or fall break!

This fall break was one of the most productive and exciting breaks I have had in a while. It is the first time in my college career that I stayed at school for break instead of going home, which was initially a bit depressing (no homemade Korean food!), but it was worth it :)

If you read my earlier post, I went to New York for a much needed treat yo self day, but once I got back from New York, it was time to focus on a case competition at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. Staying at Swarthmore over fall break for this case competition was one of the best decisions I have made yet this semester!

I'm not going to lie though — working on the case was tough. The fact that we were on break didn't necessarily give us a competitive advantage, because some of us already had plans with family and friends and also because we were all so burnt out from midterms! That's why I am extremely thankful to my amazing team for pushing through with our analyses and slide deck.

Pictured, left to right: Ferial, Simran, me, and Isaac
We were finalists at this case competition! I could not be prouder of my team! It was so exciting because we were the only liberal arts college out of all the finalists. Although the other competing schools have a huge advantage over us in terms of classes and resources for case competition preparation, we still made it. It was great to represent Swarthmore.